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Fruitopia Cranberry Lemonade Vision Commercial (1994 or 1995)
May 21, 2006, 5:30 am
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Fruiptoia Ad #1 (slide one)

Fruiptoia Ad #1 (slide two)

Fruitopia Ad #1 (3rd Slide)

Fruitopia Ad #1 (4th slide)

Fruitopia ad I found on an old tape (mostly from 1994 or 1995) that someone donated to the library where I used to volunteer at this past January. We can’t accept homemade tapes so I took the whole box of tapes home with me.

This is for a Cranberry Lemonade flavor. This was back in Fruitopia’s glory days. In 1998 they went to a cold fill method and put it in plastic bottles and the flavors got crappy. It was finally discontinued in 2002-ish and some flavors now run under the Minute Maid name.

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heycwhat flavours does the friutopia company have or had?

Comment by sarren

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