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Paul D Camp Soda Machine Pic #2 In A Series
April 16, 2006, 2:06 am
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Paul D Camp Soda Machine Pic #2 In A Series
Originally uploaded by Look In The Tunk.

The vending machines at Paul D Camp (my community college) got refilled and some different stuff is in there now. I didn’t get to take a pic a few weeks ago when Dasani Lemon was in the machine. But now that I look at the pic from February is seems like everything is back to “normal” again with the exception of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke and Vault. Boo-urns.

It kinda ticks me off that they don’t put water in the machine though. I’m sure someone would appreciate some Dasani once in a while.

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Why do they have cans of the same products that are in bottles? Are they
priced differently because you’re getting less?

Comment by Vault_Dewer

First of all I did not appreciate you commenting in an unrelated entry begging me to answer your question. I have deleted that comment.

The cans are $.65. The bottles are $1.10.

Comment by Anita

Yeah, I really didn’t want to comment in an unrelated entry. This article was at the bottom though and I was afraid you would never see my comment. Thanks for the info.

Comment by Vault_Dewer

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