Drinking Jean Naté!

April 13, 2006, 12:45 am
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Originally uploaded by Look In The Tunk.

Man, I’ve been meaning to upload this picture since January 31st.

I did some website work for my friend Brian, and I got some Squirt in exchange for it. Squirt isn’t available in my parts. A bottler just doesn’t want to deal with it I guess.

I haven’t had Squit since a trip to Alaska to see family when I was 13. I had forgotten what it tasted like. It’s really good. It’s like fresca but not diet.

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You can get Squirt in 2 liter bottles in a lot of places around Richmond, mainly in the Hispanic bodegas. I go to a c-store/bodega about a block away from Cloverleaf Mall to get Squirt in 2 liter and 20 oz bottles, as well as in returnable bottles from Mexico. This place has Mexican non-diet Fresca as well, along with a bunch of other sodas in returnable bottles. Once I got some Lemon-Lime Crush, which was pretty good. I have some Topo Sabores Durazno (peach) right now, and some Cawy Watermelon, which I’ll give to unsuspecting guests or something…

They also have Jarritos, which, as you’ve noted, ain’t special.

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