Drinking Jean Naté!

Poyyson! Poyyson!
December 28, 2005, 12:52 am
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I did a Soda Inventory in my closet (where I keep my soda at) yesterday when I couldn’t go online:

26 Cans Diet Coke With Lime
17 Cans Coke With Lime
21 Cans Diet Coke Vanilla
17 Cans Diet Coke
8 12 oz. bottlesDiet Coke*
7 Cans Pibb Xtra
9 Cans Caffeine Free Diet Coke (yes, I finally tried it after putting it off after all these years)
1 Can Coke C2
2 Mini Cans St Nick’s Cola
2 Mini Cans St. Nick’s Holiday Punch
2 Cans Jones Green Apple (yucky!!)
2 Mini Cans Jones Scary Berry (yucky!!)
3 Mini Cans Jones Candy Corn (yucky!!)
2 Mini Cans Jones Caramel Apple (kinda yucky!!)

That’s 119 Cnas of soda in my closet as of yesterday evening. They all come from soda sales and soda I just didn’t like (ie: The Jones Sodas)

*= last week at Food Lion, they had a 4/$10 deal on Coke and if you bought four you got a free pack of the little 12 oz bottles.

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