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December 11, 2005, 10:51 pm
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Everybody does a Best and Worst of the year list, right?

Best Sodas/Drinks Of The Year

Coke With Lime
Nestea Ice (with the menthol stuff in it)
Frawg (Seven Eleven Exclusive)
Peach Fresca

(ok, this doesn’t really count, but nevertheless) I like the new packaging of the Jolt Sodas.

Worst Sodas Of The Year

Coke Zero (I think my hatred for this soda stems from it being overhyped by members of the Bevnet message boards.)
Diet Coke With Splenda
Lipton Green Tea
Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper
The new 7up Plus flavors.
Mountian Dew Pitch Black II. (if I had made this list last year, the original Pitch Black would be on the best list, but this second version was yucky)
Pibb Zero
Jones Halloween Flavors (Target Exclusive)
Black Cherry Fresca (I think I forgot to take a pic of this stuff for a review)
Sugar Free MDX

(doesn’t really count, but I think that Diet Rite’s new packaging is SO lame.)

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regular MDX tastes fine, but the price point is killer. It doesn’t taste that much different (or better) than Dew for me to buy it at $1.59 for a 14 oz. bottle. As for CVDP, it’s one of my favorite new drinks of the year (maybe my only one). Didn’t care for Coke w/Lime, haven’t tried the Frescas (Black Cherry interestingly isn’t readily sold around here). I haven’t seen Froggy either, but locally, this isn’t the best place for 7-11’s. This is Sheetz country.

The new Diet Rite packaging is beyond lame, and honestly, Fridge Packs are lame.

teamtitan512 – STS

Comment by Anonymous

My thoughts:

Coke with Lime didn’t really taste much different than the diet version to me, so I pretty much saw no point in drinking it.

Frawg tasted odd to me, and not in a good way.

I’m with you on the Frescas – Peach good, Black Cherry bad.

On to Coke Zero – yeah, the posts on BevNet were really annoying to say the least, but nevertheless I think this stuff is awesome. Of course, I guess it’s understandable how a Diet Coke fan wouldn’t like it.

Diet Coke w/ Splenda tastes weird, but I kinda like it. The Lipton Green Tea, however, is weird in a bad way.

Cherry Vanilla DP wasn’t BAD, but it just tasted way too much like regular DP. Fortunately, from what I’ve heard, this won’t be the case with the Berries and Creme stuff.

I thought Pitch Black II was a big improvement over its predecessor, although I’d still take original Dew, Code Red, or Baja Blast over it any day.

I agree that Sugar Free MDX is absolutely vile stuff, but the regular version is pretty good, and distinct enough from the original to warrant *occasionally* paying the steep price for it.

The rest I haven’t tried

Comment by mikibacsi1124

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