Drinking Jean Naté!

October 17, 2005, 5:49 pm
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Yeah, the Pepsi plant in Newport News, VA is still spewing out fakemates:

Diet Pepsi Twist

(I’m sorry, I can’t taste the lemon in Diet Pepsi Twist. I can in regular Pepsi Twist, but not in diet.)

Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry (Expired)

(I bought this at Farm Fresh in Smithfield, brought it home, and into my fifth can about a week later I thought to myself, “this tastes funny” — turns out this stuff had expired back in January. I ended up throwing away the last three cans in the fakemate it was so vile.)

I’m going to be so sad though when Newport News finally goes to the fridgemate though, they’re being such rebels now for sticking with fakemates. Although fakemates take up more room, they are easier to open.

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Hmm…see, to me the lemon taste seems more pronounced in the diet version. Maybe it depends on the bottler?

Comment by mikibacsi1124

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