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October 9, 2005, 7:28 pm
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I wrote this back in May and I thought I put it in here, but I guess I didn’t:

Everybody at the soda message boards I frequent say that the Fanta line by Coke should be killed off and by sales figures it probably will in the next few years. I have some suggestions before Fanta gets a plot in the soda graveyard (in-between Josta and Pepsi Blue) :

Fanta would sell better if they made the rare flavors available (Citrus [or whatever its called], black cherry, peach, apple, pineapple) and widdle down the “classic” flavors (grape, strawberry and orange). I mean how many grape, strawberry and orange sodas are there already on the shelves?

And the Fantana girls? The ones in the tv/print ads? They’re ridiculous. The only people who are reacting to those ads are 9 year old girls because the Fantanas resemble Barbie dolls of the world. Just show the soda in the ads, make some funny plain ads. Or do what Fresca, Tab and Pibb Xtra does–don’t advertise.

Tuesday night I was talking to Brian, via the yahoo messenger, and he was telling me about the short-lived Pink Grapefruit Fanta. I about died when he told me this. If Coke put this back on the Fanta line up, hell, I’d keep Fanta afloat just on sales of that stuff! I bet that stuff is like liquid sex! Like a sweet, corn syrupy, koolaid and sparkling grapefruit juice pink super meow-meow sugar water grapefruit celebration!

But I’d predict that Coke will discontinue the Fanta line again in a few years, (they dropped Fanta in the 80’s, called it Minute Maid until 2001, and called it Fanta again) and end up calling it Fruitopia, and people will go “Fruitopia is back…but in soda form!”

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I hate to admit it, but I love those Fantanas ads. Mostly because that jingle is soooo irresistably catchy. And I love catchy jingles. :D

Ohh and I love your description of Pink Grapefruit Fanta. Makes me want to try it even more.

BTW, I don’t think killing off Fanta in the US is the solution – they just need to bring something relatively close to the European formulations here.

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