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Cold Tazo Tea Memories
October 9, 2005, 1:08 am
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Cold Tazo Memories

Tazo teas were another drink that I used to buy all the time during my stint at The Fresh Market.

I always associate Tazo tea with this customer I had a crush on (his name was Chad and he worked at the Jamestown Reservation). He always came in every Monday and bought Sushi and a Tazo tea.

I’m lookng for him if anybody knows who he is!

I brought up Tazo at the rolls eyes bevnet boards when we were talking about the old way Bevnet used to review drinks. Bevnet ripped the old Fruitopia drinks a new one back in the day because of their “trendy labels”. I thought the same thing when drinking that bottle of Tazo last night (lifted from my bevnet comment):

Funny, a few hours after I posted this, I just cracked open some Tazo Tea (I buy it when its on sale at the Farm Fresh) and the label is so uber-trendy, its sickening:
“Shake before drinking : you might also want to do a little chant if you feel up to it”

“Please recycle this bottle. It deserves to be reincarnated too”

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