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Fanta Apple!!!! Finally!!!
September 27, 2005, 12:19 am
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Fanta Apple!!!!!

Thanks to sodafinder.com I was able to finally try Fanta Apple! It had expried back in January but it was still good. Apparently you can only find Fanta Apple in Texas and Atlanta. This was produced in Houston.

I guess I could get the same effect from drinking sparkling apple cider, but it wouldn’t come in the cool can. I don’t understand why Coca-Cola doesn’t roll this out nationally. I think people would buy it! It’s not like Fanta Grape is flying off the shelves or something.

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Sounds yummy!

Comment by Steven Swain

I’m so glad to know where to look now! And, all the other Apple sodas don’t taste like Apple Fanta. I’ve been trying lots to see if I can find one like Apple Fanta, and haven’t found one yet.

Comment by LMF

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