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Reunited With An Old Friend
September 18, 2005, 7:20 pm
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Reunited With An Old Friend
Originally uploaded by Look In The Tunk.

can’t even remember the last time I had ol’ Sunkist. When it came to orange sodas I usually just got Orange Slice, but not since that has been replaced with stupid Tropicana “iTwister!” soda, I have to find orange soda replacements. I find Orange Fanta too weak. It tases like sparkling orange juice that doesn’t have enough orange juice in it.

I don’t think I’ve had sunkist since they started making that new can. For some reason I associate Sunkist in the 80’s with Hulk Hogan? Did he do ads for them in the 80’s or something?

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You look like you’re praying.

Comment by Steven Swain

I`m from Lancaster Pa. and I`m from Pittsburgh originally. I`m looking for someplace that has Cherokee red soda. It`s in Pittsburgh but not here its a regional soda from around chicago do you know anything about it

Comment by Erikhttp://thelaughingfisherman@hotmail.com

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