Drinking Jean Naté!

Ale 8-One
September 16, 2005, 1:37 am
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Ale 8-One

I had Ale 8-one from sodafinder.com last night for the first time. It was alright, its a very mild ginger ale.

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Never heard of it.

Comment by Steven Swain

dorky guy here, no glasses (sorry..

The reason your Ale 8 (as we Kentuckians refer to it) was just alright is because you made three grevious errors.

First you drank it out of a can, that’s a real no-no…no Plastic either…returnable green glass bottles only (non-returnable green glass bottles suffice in emergency situations with approval of your friends/family, i.e. don’t make a habit of it!)

Second mistake is you must drink it very cold, I did not see any sweat on your can.

Third, you really need to watching a Kentucky Basketball game while drinking it…everything just tastes better with the Cats!

Comment by Anonymous

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