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Guest Post From Beaned Squared
August 21, 2005, 11:47 pm
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7up Yours
Originally uploaded by Bean Squared.

One of my flickr friends; Bean Squared made a review of the tropical 7up plus:

Perhaps one could consider this a guest shot for LITT.

“Island Fruit 7up Plus.” I tried a 2 liter of Mixed Berry with horrid results a while back, so I don’t know why I should have expected anything less. I’m a sucker for any food with a pineapple on the label.

This tastes like really bad carbonated Snapple. What makes it taste so horrid? Splenda? The calcium? Satan?

On the bright side, the cans are a pretty metallic off-orange, so you can pretend it’s A&W Cream Soda if you squint hard enough.

I’ve only seen this at Target, same as the Jones Soda fridge packs. Downside: Target, to my knowledge, does not have a can/bottle return, which, here in Michigan, means you’re probably screwed out of an extra $1.20 for deposit on a 12 pack. Huzzah.

I may have to start a “Tanlines” photo set with this and the bathtub pic.

Uploaded by Bean Squared on 21 Aug ’05, 6.48pm EDT.

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