Drinking Jean Naté!

Back in April
July 31, 2005, 11:33 pm
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I posted this in my blog back in April, but I didn’t want to put this in the April archives here because nobody would read it:

I’ve noticed that Dasini and Aquafina has started to make waters that are actually worth drinking now. (well, the new Dasani flavored water is too sweet, but that’s what middle America likes, water that doesn’t taste like water) I like the new Aquafina Sparkling Water, though, but I’m sure Middle America won’t because it reminds them of them fancy waters they sell in the glass bottles.

But I found an even better way to drink the Aquafina Sparking water : adding coffee syrup. No! I don’t mean that Nescafe Iced Latte syrup, I mean those syrups that they have at Starbucks that they add to make flavored coffee. I found some Irish Creme syrup at Wal-Mart today, and added it to a bottle of regular Sparking Aquafina with some unwhipped whipping cream, and its so good. It’s just like the Italian Sodas you can get at the cafe at Barnes And Noble (or at the very least, the Italian Sodas you can get Joe Muggs at Books A Million)

You know (months later) I don’t even see Aquafina Sparkling in coolers anymore. I hope they didn’t get rid of it aleready.

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I think you mean Toranni syrups. They use those for flavor, although Starbucks may have their own internal brand now.

Comment by Mike H.

I’ve had the Dasini and Aquafina flavored waters. I kept on tasting the sweetner, and I hate artificial sweetners, so I’d have to give them a thumbs-down.

Comment by Steven Swain

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