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Two Sides Of The Diet Rite
July 26, 2005, 3:21 am
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This is left over from a couple of weeks ago. I took this pic while I was trying to pack my room and parent’s house up, and it fell by the wayside:
(I wrote this up in my flickr first, so the things about the house are all dated now)

Diet Rite's New Packaging

I know Diet Rite has been around since the dark ages, but I never paid attention to it, I always thought that it would taste like junk.

I finaly bought some when the store near my (soon to be former) house had a 2/5 sale on the Canada Dry/7up products. Diet Rite is one of their products.

I also bought it b/c the cardboard box has the old logo on it (which I liked more) and the cans have the new logo on them.

I liked it. I’d buy it again. I’m getting a little tired of Diet Coke.

Sorry for the messy room. I’m packing.

Two Sides Of The Diet Rite

You can see that the cardboard has Diet Rite’s old packaging, and the cans have the new cheesy packaging.

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When my friend Ken was on Atkins, he used to drink Diet Rite. I’ve never touched the stuff though.

Comment by Steven Swain

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