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Not Frogger
July 25, 2005, 11:47 pm
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Went to a Seven Eleven in Williamsburg, VA today and passed by the fountians, and saw that they have some sort of green apple soda in the fountains called Froggy, I think. The name had something to do with a frog. There was also a slurpee flavor of Froggy too.

This Seven Eleven always gets cool strange stuff (Bawls, the Jolt cans, etc) so I don’t know if its just exclusive to a few seven elevens or its slowly being released to all of them. It took the place of the IBC Root beer that was in the fountains this spring when they had that ice cream float lid thing going on.

I didn’t see froggy in cans or bottles in the coolers. I guess its stricily a fountain only drink.

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Froggy’s in Charlottesville at 7-Eleven, too.

The one on Barracks Road, I’m sure of, and the other stores probably have it too.

Comment by Steven Swain

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