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Diet Coke With Lime Suitcase
July 22, 2005, 9:34 pm
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Ok, out where I live, the “suitcases” (aka a 24 can pack of Coke product) just don’t sell. Only a few stores sell them, (Wal Mart mostly) and I never see anybody buy them. I don’t know, probably because they’re almost seven dollars.

For some reason at the Suffolk and Franklin, VA Wal Mart they sell suitcases of Minute Maid pink lemonade, Nestea, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and … Diet Coke With Lime. That to me seems like the oddest choice of all. You’d expect to see Coke With Lime in a 24 pack more than Diet Coke With Lime since Coke With Lime just came out. The Diet Coke With Lime and the Minute Maid is the slowest sellers. I finally decided earlier this week to take a Diet Coke With Lime 24 pack out of its misery (it expires sometime in September) and I brought it home with me.

A Suitcase

It’ll probably take me 2 weeks to finish it.

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“They put the lime in the diet…”

God, I hate that jingle.

Comment by Steven Swain

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