Drinking Jean Naté!

I Wish Dave Attel Could Say "Lemon" For Me.
July 13, 2005, 4:26 am
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I drank the last of the Diet Coke With Lemon today, only three days past their expiration. Since I was too stressed to eat all this week (my family had to do a breakneck move that week) my only nourishment were those two fridgepacks of DC w/Lemon….by 10:00 yesterday morning I was almost puking that lemon stuff up. NEVER AGAIN. I don’t care if the coke bottler here decides to keep it and puts it back on the shelves, I’m never ever drinking a can of that stuff again! I had my fill and that was enough. I took a photo of the momentious occasion, but I looked like a train wreck in the photo. (looking at photo again in iphoto, yeah, I look bad, I’m wearing a tank top for pete’s sake) It would make a great crack whore photo. I’m sure crack whores love Diet Coke with Lemon…

Now that I made myself silly over the remnants of Diet Coke With Lemon, I like reg. Diet Coke now and Diet Coke With Lime–the two Diet Cokes I said in that original entry that I didn’t like much. I knew my Diet Coke With Lemon adventure was going to end up like this though!! Me being absolutely sick over it.

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