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Them Fancy Mall Sodas!
July 5, 2005, 2:05 am
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Them Fancy Mall Sodas!

On June 18th, I went to the Harry & David at MacArthur Center in Norfolk, VA. I bought some sodas. (The Pineapple Fanta came from another place though) I finally finished all of them, and the only one I liked was the Pinapple Fanta. I know most soda people would just die if they found out that I dind’t like those fancy class bottle sodas.

Here’s the lineup nevertheless:

Tommy Knocker Lime Cream and Orange cream sodas.

Boylans pure sugar cane soda, and black cherry.

I also bought some Brutal Fruit malternative and I liked that stuff very much.

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had it, had it, had it, had it, had it, what the hell, wan to try it.

You were right about Harry & David. When I was in TN, sure enough they had sodas. I had some lemon GuS. It was GreaT

Comment by Steven Swain

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