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Candy Apple Faygo
May 25, 2005, 1:40 am
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Candy Apple Faygo

I went to this Exxon in Franklin, VA yesterday, and I saw it the minute I started to walk torward the place to pay for my gas (nope, can’t use the ol debit card anymore) … Faygo. Fay-go. Faygo is mostly sold in third tier convenience stores out in my parts. I expected to just see orange Faygo or something, but nope, they had a cooler full of the stuff! Including… Candy Apple Faygo. I read somewhere that this stuff is now discontinued, so who knows how long this bottle had been sitting in the cooler.

This was a “fan submitted” flavor. (hence the hand drawn label) I read on the boards on bevnet.com, that the band Insane Clown Posse loves this stuff, and if you give them a bottle of Faygo at a concert they’ll spray it all over the audience.

My review : I love this stuff. I’ll keep on buying until the nice little Korean lady at the Exxon stops having it in her cooler.

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