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Outfits Straight Out Of A Salt N’ Pepa Video
April 14, 2005, 3:13 am
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I notice that a lot of Seven Elevens and shit convenience stores have their Fanta sodas on sale this Spring. And in the ads (the ads mostly have the “Fanta Girls” on them, oh, excuse me, the Fantanas.) are on the ads. These ads always include the “Miss. Pineapple” but you can never find Pineapple Fanta out in Virginia. I know the woman who modled for Miss. Pinapple felt jypped when she realized that you can’t find Pinapple Fanta in most places. Forget about even finding the other Fanta flavors such as Citrus, Peach, Apple and Black Cherry out here. I noticed that they don’t even make girls (er, Fantanas) for those. There was also apparanetly a “berry” flavor, but the only evidence of that is a photo of Brian Florence from sodafinder.com with a bottle of it. I’m not one to steal images off of other people’s sites, so I won’t post a pic of it here. I had the berry flavor when it used to be called “Minute Maid Blueberry”, (back in 1996) and it dyed your lips blue for hours. The only reason why I bought it then was because I mistook it for blue cream soda.

Which reminds me! Out here in VA you can never find cool soda flavors. All you get out here are Coke And Pepsi, and diet coke and pepsi (its hard to find diet coke with lime and diet coke with lemon in a 12 pack out here, even. I’ve been lucky at Ukrops to find it though). Like, its hard to even find 7UP out here for crissakes!! I almost thought I was making stuff up when I went to the Target in Chester last week, and saw a cooler full of 7UP products in it. They didn’t have any Cherry 7UP though. That stuff’s hard to find in cans out here.

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