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"It Tastes Like It’s Been Sitting Out For A While"*
June 15, 2004, 2:17 am
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New Soda Alert!!!

I was at Target (ugggh) today, and I saw the new Coke “C2” for Low Carb people (it has less sugar in it), and I bought some even if I’m not a low carb person. I’m just a sucker for new sodas. There was also some cold 20 oz bottles near the registers, so I bought one of those too so I could taste it immediately.

I liked it. At first I thought it tasted just like regular coke, but then it started to taste a little like a milder version of Tab; Coke’s other diet soda that nobody expect for me and a 47 year old. I’m still wondering what the “C2” stands for–if it’s short for “Coke 2” then I think Coke’s in trouble. I think after the New Coke debacle in 1985 (when Classic Coke was put back on the shelves) the old New Coke was renamed Coke II.

That’s not good.

* = a reporter on New Coke ; 1985